Because Who Knew You Offered So Much!
Do you have a TV in your waiting room?

If you answered yes, are you paying more then $9.99 for cable? 

Remember, while paying outrageous cable bills every month, any channel that the TV is set to is promoting a product or service of someone else - whether it be on the news, talk shows, or commercials. Take advantage of your TV and have it promote your services!

Everyone knows why they go to the dentist, but... 

Do your patients really understand all the services you provide? Who Knew Marketing has designed a series of silent videos for patients in your waiting room. Sometimes the best way to promote your practice is to educate patients about their teeth and smile. While educating, you then offer them several possibilities on how you can help improve their mouth's overall health. We offer an affordable and effective DVD, for your waiting room, that will not only educate your patients but get them engaged in asking questions about your services. 

​While other systems go for hundreds and thousands of dollars, Who Knew Marketing's Patient Education DVD is just $9.99. A price that is less then one month of your cable bill. 

  • Increase revenue 
  • Reduce a patients wait time perception 
  • No system to learn or tech support to call....​Learn more & view our shows Click here
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Who Knew Marketing's Patient Education DVD 

20 Shows played in a continuous loop on DVD

$9.99 (Free Shipping)

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