How does your patient system differ from others on the market? 

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​Will new shows be available in the future?

Yes, the initial 20 shows is just a starting point, our goal is to have an extensive library of shows for you to pick from. As more shows become available we will find the best solution to present these shows to you. We are open to suggestions on shows as this DVD is designed to help you and your business. 

When will new shows be available?

​We are working on new shows at this present time and would like to have another 20-30 shows for Who Knew Marketing Volume 2 DVD by September 2015. We would also like to hear back from you on suggested show topics. 

Should I wait until Who Knew Marketing Volume 2 is available?  

You can however, we can not guarantee that the price will remain at $9.99

I bought the original DVD would I have to buy Who Knew Marketing Volume 2 DVD when new shows become available? 

No! When the second DVD is available we will send an email asking if you would like to receive Who Knew Marketing Volume 2 DVD with a login and password to view our entire library. You can select what new shows you would like to add to your DVD. When you receive your new DVD, we ask you place the old one in our prepaid envelope to send it back to us. 

Is the DVD available in other languages? 

Please contact us here as to which language you would need. We want this to DVD to be available for everyone!

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